Kitaro and Keiju Nakajima are playing at No Nukes One Love Festival 2012

“No Nukes One Love Festival” is one of Japanese outdoor music festivals started in 1988  to get together and help each other after Chernobyl disaster.

This is 4days festival.

Kitaro at Rainbow Stage
9/17/2012 (Mon) 12:40pm – 13:40pm

Keiju at No Nuke One Love Cafe
9/15/2012 (Sat) 21:40 to 22:10

=Ticket Info.=
Advance ticket is already sold out

One day ticket: 7,000 JPN Yen (at door)
4days ticket : 18,000 JPN Yen (at door)

Parking: 3,000 JPN yen/car

BUY Ticket: (Japanese)

You can also camp at the camp site. (Need Camping ticket: 5,000 JPN yen for 4days)

No Nukes One Love Facebook


=BUY Keiju’s Songs=


Awa + Aqua

Kitaro and Dennis Banks collaboration “Let Mother Earth Speak” is now on sale!

Kitaro’s Official Webpage
Domo Music Group Official Website

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