Track9. Peace – Dennis Banks

New Album from Kitaro in collaboration with Dennis Banks “Let Mother Earth Speak” will be released in September 11,2012. It will be pre-released on iTunes only on 8/28/2012!

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Today, we will introduce 9th track of the album. This is also the last song of the album.


It’s a new spiritual power. Spiritual power is greater than material power. To move the miracles. To move the assets of what we are all about, the universe.

Once there is true peace in your mind you will float with the skies, at the stars and heavens, you will visit all of them. And that’ll be more peace. We will understand peace. When your spirit visits those stars every night.

Listen to sun. Just listen even to water, trickling down. That’s peace. That is true peace. Even to hear the wrestling of the leaves. That’s peace. And hear the song of the birds. That’s peace. And no interruption in your dreams. No interruption in your life. That’s peace. Beautiful peace.

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