Music For Yoga – Journey To The Heart vol.3 –

Music For Yoga -Journey to the Heart III- “Music for Healing” is the third in a series of healing music releases that focuses on the Mind, Body & Spirit.
Kitaro, Dave Eggar, Benedetti & Svoboba, Uma and Nawang Khechog as well as many others have contributed tracks to this thematic compilation.
With its many flavors and endless colors, this collection is a magical trek that will sooth, calm and uplift the mind and heart with a wide range of cavalcade artists and critically acclaimed music.

“Music for Healing” is an evocative, enriching journey with a vision of interactivity to transport toward the calm of the inner self.

Song List

01. Tabili – Kitaro
02. Dark Passage – Dave Eggar
03. Garden Of Love – Uma
04. Ocean Of Wisdom – Hawang Khechog
05. Wind-Borne Seeds – Shinji
06. Sueno – Benedetti & Sveboda
07. Bahia Breeze – Steve Reid
08. Satobiki – Kitaro
09. The Fragile Dawn – Lee Blaske
10. Beau Soi – Steve Anderson
11. Silk Road – Yu-Xiao Guang

Domo Music Group

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