Track1. Thank You Great Spirit – Dennis Banks

New Album from Kitaro in collaboration with Dennis Banks “Let Mother Earth Speak” will be released in September,2012.

Today, we will introduce 1st track of the album.

1.Thank You Great Spirit (Migwetch Gitchi Manitou)

Hello, this is Dennis Banks. I am Anishinabe, from the land of the Ojibwa people, in Northern Minnesota. My people have long been of the Midewin Society, a very strong spiritual belief. I would like to talk to you about some of those beliefs. They are very strong beliefs, very strong.

First, you must understand of our relationship that we have with Mother Earth. This is the planet that we call Mother Earth and we believe that we are the Children of this Earth. We believe that we are all that is, that we are, comes from, our Mother the Earth. All living species, we are related to all the four leggeds, all the winged things, every blade of grass, the smallest insect. We are related to. We are related to the air, we are related to the water and there are certain ceremonies in connection to all of these. The Moon is looked upon as our Grandmother, and the Sun, is looked upon as our oldest Brother.

The first song I would like to sing to you is a Thanksgiving song. It thanks the Creator for all that we are. For all of what we’ve become, because of the Earth. And it’s called Migwetch Gitchi Manitou. “Migwetch” is thank you; “Gitchi Manitou” is the Great Spirit.

verse: Way Yah Way Yah Way Yah Way
Way Yah Way Yah Way Yah Way
Away Yah Way Yah Way Yah Way
Oway Yah Way Yah Way Yah Way

chorus: Migwetch Gitchi Manitou
Away Yah Way Yah Way Yah Way
Away Yah Way Yah Way Yah Way

repeated 3 times

=Sampler Track=

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