Blu-Swing: Members profile


is a bands with a mix of
Jazz, Electronic, Hip Hop and Rock.  Their debut album “Revison” in 2008
hit a No.1 club music chart in Japanese major record stores and made a
big impact in the club scene. Since then, they have released three
original albums as of 2012 and working with many international artists.
In Spring of 2012 Blu-Swing will release US debut album!


Yu-ri (Vocal)
Yu-ri writes lyrics for almost every song for Blu-Swing. She collaborates with a lot of musicians as a singer. What amazing about her is she has a variety of different singing/performance styles that she can change as she wants depending on music style or arrangements.


Yusuke Nakamura (Songwriting, Arrangement, Program, keyboard)
Yusuke is a sound creator, musician, producer and an arranger. He started his career as DJ in 1997. Since then, he has released several albums and signed with UK electro label.  As a producer, he has worked with many artists and produced TV commercials, films and websites. He joined Blu-Swing in 2005.


Right: Sho Kojima (Guitar)
Sho spent most of his childhood abroad; Australia, The Philippines, India. He has influenced by traditional folk songs, rock, blues and Jazz on each countries and started playing guitar at 9. He is the one of the first original members of Blu-Swing.

Left: Shinji Hasuike (Bass)
Shinji started playing piano at 5 and electric guitar at 15. At 20, he started playing Contrabass and was taught by renowned Jazz musician in Japan. He became a professional musician and collaborated with many artists. He formed Blu-Swing with Sho in 2004.


Tomoaki Miyamoto (Drum)
Tomoaki has been taught how to play drums by many top-notch drummers when young. He won many awards and collaborates with many artists. While he plays Jazz drum as a member of Blu-Swing, he also performs with ultra-fast drumming ensemble.

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