New video of Kitaro is updated !

“Hajimari” played by Kitaro in Izumo Taisha (The most important shrine in Japan) was updated to YouTube.

“Hajimari has meaning of “Beginning” in Japanese.

In Japan, spring signifies new beginning so that normally school year starts from April. “Hajimari” is included in an album “Yakushiji”.

<Disc 1>
01. Monk’s Introduction
02. Hajimari/Sozo
03. Caravansary
04. Silk Road
05. Magma
06. Mercury

<Disc 2>
01. Water of Mystery
02. Estrella
03. Koi
04. Wa
05. Free Flight
06. Heaven and Earth

* Kitaro Official Website
* Domo Music Group Official Website

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