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[Written by John P. Olsen]
Kitaro is a GRAMMY® and Golden Globe award-winning artist who earned acclaim and respect from the beginning of his music career. Over the past 30 years Kitaro has remained passionate with his music creations, maintaining the highest quality standards as a composer, while delivering voluminous concertos to music fans worldwide.

With volumes of Kitaro CD albums and song downloads to choose from wouldn’t it would be advantageous if the best albums by the legendary artist Kitaro were sold as a single collection? Now it is!

Domo Music Group makes the decision making process easier by offering a limited edition of Kitaro’s best albums. This extraordinary collection isn’t cheap, but when you average the cost per CD, and bonus DVD, it turns out to be an economically priced collection.

The Ultimate Kitaro Collection – Silk Road Journey is an extensive selection of the best albums by Kitaro. The Ultimate Kitaro Collection includes 15 CD albums and the Yakushiji Live DVD. Of the 15 CDs total, you will find most are albums in which he received either a GRAMMY® Award or received nomination.

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The Ultimate Kitaro Collection – Silk Road Journey

Album List
01.  Gaia – Onbashira – 41st Grammy nominee (1998)
02.  Thinking Of You – 43rd Grammy WINNING album (2000)
03.  Dream – 35th Grammy nominee (1992)
04.  The Light Of The Spirit – 30th Grammy nominee (1987)
05.  Kojiki – 34th Grammy nominee (1991)
06.  Ancient – 44th Grammy nominee (2001)
07.  Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 1 – 46th Grammy nominee (2003)
08.  Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 2 – 48th Grammy nominee (2005)
09.  Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 3 – 50th Grammy nominee (2007)
10.  Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 4 – 53rd Grammy nominee (2010)
11.  Spiritual Garden
12.  The Best Of Silk Road
13.  Peace On Earth
14.  442: Extreme Patriots Of WW II | Kitaro’s Story Scape
15.  The Impressions Of The West Lake – 52nd Grammy nominee (2009)
16.  Yakushiji Live DVD


Kitaro will be featured more by New Age Music World. Stay tuned!

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