Ema & Esoh: Hahauta

We’ve uploaded the short version of 9 songs from Ema & Esoh’s new album “Hahauta”.


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Memories of today and wishes for tomorrow fill your mind when falling asleep. A Mother’s Songs 2 by Ema & Esoh will create a dream world for you, set in the stars, that you could only reach as a child through your mother’s lullabies.

01.  Ni-Sa
02.  Bangamui
03.  Lullaby of Wind
04.  Rorogwela
05.  Komoriuta (Lullaby)
06.  Ifunke
07.  Praying Song of Wind and Desert
08.  A.O.I.
09.  Hahauta (Chant for Mother Earth

Ema & Esoh – Praying Song of Wind & Desert: Hahauta (short ver.)

Ema & Esoh – Komoriuta (Lullaby): Hahauta (short ver.)

Ema & Esoh – Rorogwela: Hahauta (short ver.)

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