Kitaro: An Enchanted Evening vol.2 Movie File available now

Movie file, “An Enchanted Evening vol.2 by Kitaro”, is available now.


Kitaro An Enchanted Evening Volume II shows the instrumental magic of Kitaro’s compositions combined with an interview footage of the 1996 Grammy nominated composer/producer as being featured on PBS during their March fundraising drive. In the interview segments. Kitaro discusses his inspirations, beliefs and experiences while wandering the terrain of his home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The video also features concert footage from Kitaro’s An Enchanted Evening world tour, combined with excerpts from his famous Taiko drum ceremony at Mt. Fuji in Japan, interviews with concert guests, and snippets from the band on the road, the final product gives an intimate never before seen look at the artist and his work.

01. Intro – Planet
02. Interview – Kitaro and nature
03. Performance – Chants From The Heart
04. Interview – taiko drums
05. Performance – Spirit Of Taiko
06. Interview – Dance Of Sarasvati
07. Performance – Dance Of Sarasvati
08. Interview – Kitaro and his home
09. Performance – Caravansary
10. Interview – canoe ride
11. Performance – Fire
12. Interview – The technical side of Kitaro
13. Interview – Scoring Movies
14. Performance – Heaven And Earth
15. Interview – More on movie scoring and future projects
16. Performance – Silk Road
17. Interview – Nature and Music
18. Performance – Cosmic Love

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