New artist Ema & Esoh

Vocals & Er-hu
Ema is a multi-talented musician and artist and also one of a very few Er-hu players in Japan. Esoh is composer, producer, & multi-instrumentalist.
Esoh performs, composes, and delves into the depth of sound, looking for rhythms with an overflowing life force. He has excellent command of a range of ethnic instruments, vocal techniques, and piano. They met in 1987, and since then they enjoyed a world-wide career as a performing duo, producing eight CDs in the process.


Ema & Esoh’s latest album Holy Songs shows their personal touches on sentimental folk standards like Amazing Grace, Greensleeves, Salley Gardens, and Londonderry Air. It also includes one original track.


01. Holy Grace – Father Sky
02. Holy Marlee
03. Holy Orphans
04. Holy Steps
05. Holy Gardens
06. Holy Grace – Mother Earth
07. Holy Air

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