Happy New Year from JABBERLOOP

Happy New Year everyone!!

This year is JABBERLOOP’s 5th anniversary of debut! They have released 9
albums and performed worldwide so far. Thank you everyone who love and
support them!



Here is the New Year messages from each member!

Happy new year! It has been a while since we formed JABBERLOOP with current members. We thank all of you to support us for long time. We have never changed any of our members and we have kept growing. We are thinking of something very exciting in 2012. See you at the show!

Happy New Year! Im Yuki Nagata. It is our 5th anniversary of debut in Japan this year. Thank you everyone! We would like to do more fun and exciting stuff in 2012! Stay tune!

Everybody, Happy New Year! Since 2012 is Tatsu-Doshi (Year of the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac), we want to run around freely to reach the top like dragon and have fun with everybody. Please keep supporting us! Let’s have fun at the club!

Sign: One play of consecration
JABBERLOOP’s 5th anniversary! We will do our best!

Happy New year! I’m Yohei from JABBERLOOP. I’m sure that 2012 will be very special year for me and JABBERLOOP. Thank you for your support!

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