Keiju: Digital album Mantra now available at iTunes!!

Keiju’s digital album Mantra is now available at iTunes store!!

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Recording for this album began in Bali in 1992 alongside the Canadian sax player, Paul Chenard. The second half of it was recorded in Malaysia and at a Khao Yai National Park in the north-eastern part of Thailand where tigers live. The album features the spiritual, dynamic sounds of nature as Keiju wandered around the jungle. Mantra features the German-French horn player Ben Trautman besides a Malaysian tabla player. This was an important album in Keiju’s career.

It was remastered in 2009.

Artist: Keiju Nakajima
Album: Mantra

Track List
01. Song Of The Birth
02. Journey To The Mysterious Forest
03. Blue Bird
04. Friendship
05. The River Of Peace
06. The Eyes Of Gypsy
07. Illusion Of The Soul
08. Yuyami
09. Killing Fields
10. Mantra
11. Tell Me Why
12. Song Of The Birth (Reprise)

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