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Michina and Tomo met at The Fête De La Musique Festival in France. They became a permanent duo after performing together in 2007. In February 2010, they released their first album “Premier Souffle” in Japan and it was promoted soon after with a national tour in Japan and France. One year later, Domo Records released this album on their label imprint, Daruma.


First Mini Album
Premier Souffle

Track List
1. Mon Amour
2. Sista
3. Mr. Fish
4. Misao
5. Ton Souffle

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In the film Yuki & Nina (2009), eight-year-old French-Japanese girl Yuki receives news that her parents are divorcing and she will be returning to Japan with her mother. If Yuki grew to be a singer, she would be Michelle Michina of the duo Michina and Tomo. Their debut mini-album “premier soufflé” is a unique combination of piano-backed Japanese and French vocals accompanied with Tomohiro Maeda’s bluesy guitar chords. Their soft sound is reminiscent of  Japanese R&B powerhouse MISIA and Portuguese lounge singer Nicinha. The five tracks on the album switch back and forth between languages effortlessly, whether it’s the passionate Mon Amour or the silly Mr. Fish. It’s ideal driving music, especially when you’re still waking up in the morning.

– review written by Jessica Aves

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