Kitaro Celestial Scenery: Heart Beat Volume 10

Kitaro Celestial Scenery is finally completed…

Heart Beat
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Kitaro Celestial Scenery
Prolific Grammy-winning artist Kitaro releases an exclusive 10 album collection on iTunes! This paramount collection of Asian New Age music was remastered specifically for its first-ever digital release in America. It’s a must-have for any lover of music.

Celestial Scenery: Heart Beat, Volume 10
Heart Beat is the tenth and final album in Kitaro’s Celestial Scenery series. Unlike its predecessors, this one is all live tracks! If you turn up the volume and close your eyes, it’s like Kitaro is giving a private concert just for you. Let Heart Beat pour out of your speakers and envelope you with its warm, enchanting notes. It opens, fittingly, with the track “Hajimari” (The Beginning) and concludes with signature piece “Silk Road”.

Written by Jessica Aves

Track List
01. Hajimari (Live)
02. Sozo (Live)
03. Mercury (Live)
04. Chant From The Heart (Live)
05. Spirit Of Taiko (Live)
06. Kokoro (Live)
07. The Light Of The Spirit (Live)
08. Silk Road (Live)

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