New Artist: Ema&Esoh

We are thrilled to introduce our new artist, EMA&ESOH!!
Ema & Esoh

Artist Profile

Voice and Er-hu. Er-hu, a two string instrument originally from the Middle East, this instrument traveled East via the Silk road and developed along the way in China. Ema is one of a very few Er-hu players in Japan.
Ema is a distinguished vocalist as well, her voice adds a borderless sensitivity to their music. Ema’s visual artwork adorns YURAI works’ CDs and print media.

Esoh performs sound, composes sound, and delves into the depth of sound, looking for rhythms overflowing with the life force. He has excellent command of a range of ethnic instruments, vocal techniques, piano and the electronic sound field, all of which he uses in both live performances and studio work.

In his search for roots and indigenous rhythm, from 1986 to 1992 he based himself at the Tenkawa Shrine, where Benzaiten, the goddess of the arts, is worshipped, performing the sacred drum for ceremonies in his function as priest and musician.

In 1987 he performed at the Montreux New Jazz Festival in Switzerland. In 1991 he toured as the musician for dancer Nasu Shizuno’s tour of the performance “Amamishineri” in Okinawa, Rome, Paris and Greece. Currently he performs and records internationally with a number of bands including Wind Travelin’ Band and Earth Tapestry. From 1996 to 1999 he participated in a duo project “Ametsuchi-no-Uta(Voices from The Heavens & The Earth)” with musician Ema (vocal, er-hu), producing 8 CDs and performing live throughout Japan.

Esoh also produced the Earth Music Festival annually in Osaka and Kyoto from 1993 to 1996. Now, he is creating a network of acoustic and ethnic musicians in Japan.

We will release four albums early next year!!

Wonderful Earth – Ema&Esoh

Ema’s crystal voice will heal you for sure…

Domo Music Group Official Website
Ema&Esoh Official Website (Japanese)

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