Franci: Message from Maestro Amilson Godoy to Franci

Here’s the message from Maestro Amilson Godoy to Franci.

<Translation in English>
“It is very important for us musicians to develop a sensitivity and perception of what we see with something that can take you to the success, something that is an essential part of the artistic world , something like a talent ;and I can surely say that Stella has all of these qualities. While working together I could feel in her a great musical affinity and a talent for music besides a very unique tone.
I’m sure that this work that we developed together has everything to become a worldwide success.
Congratulations Franci ! It was a pleasure to meet you!”

Franci’s new album “Symphony Of My Dreams” will be available in October 2011 at Domo Music Group.

Franci: Symphony Of My Dreams

Track List
01. Nella Fantasia
02. Passion (Koi)
03. The Last Words You Said
04. Song For Eternity
05. The Magic Begins
06. Symphony Of My Dreams (Symphony Of Dreams)
07. Days & Nights (Silk Road)
08. Stelle (Estrella)
09. Winter Light
10. Colorindo
11. Treasure Of Time


Domo Music Official Website

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