Franci: Message from Marinho Boffa, pianist and arranger, to Franci

Franci has been working on her first full album.
Here’s the message from Marinho Boffa , pianist and arranger, to Franci.

<Translation in English>
“I know you will have lots of happiness with this project that brings you so much joy. This will be the beginning of many accomplishments in your career. You are a person who dedicates your heart in what you do , please receive our love that will be always open to you. It was a pleasure working with you!”

Franci’s new album “Symphony Of My Dreams” will be available in October 2011 at Domo Music Group.

Franci: Symphony Of My Dreams

Track List
01. Nella Fantasia
02. Passion (Koi)
03. The Last Words You Said
04. Song For Eternity
05. The Magic Begins
06. Symphony Of My Dreams (Symphony Of Dreams)
07. Days & Nights (Silk Road)
08. Stelle (Estrella)
09. Winter Light
10. Colorindo
11. Treasure Of Time


Domo Music Official Website

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