Kitaro – MUSE Staff Report 1 on Aug 7, 2011

MUSE finally took place yesterday in Mountain View, CA.
Kitaro made an impressive opening performance with Japanese Taiko drummer!!
Kitaro performance at MUSE in Mountain View, CA on 8/7/2011 Part. 1

They were selling Kitaro’s Ku-Kai 4 at the venue. This was the only CD package offered there.
Proceeds will benefit non-nuclear organization and Japan disaster relief.

And we are now throwing a Kitaro photo contest on his facebook and waiting for photos taken at MUSE OR enthusiastic photos of you holding Kitaro’s CD or goods.
Upload those photos on your Facebook and tag Domo Records OR you can put the links of your photos on your page on our wall!!

Kitaro Official Webpage
Domo Music Official Website

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