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 by Andrey Cechelero

Andrey Cechelero: Water

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In the most different religions and cultures, spiritual renewal is done in the water. Music also has the power to induce altered states of mind in living beings. According to respected scientific bases, humans are highly responsive to the influence of sounds. Andrey Cechelero wrote instrumental songs of intense emotional and lyric content, complemented by nature sounds of water waterfalls, rivers, oceans and rain. Nostalgic, these piano songs take us back to old, forgotten feelings. Calming songs, coupled with excellent natural arrangements. A best-seller with over 90 thousand copies sold perfect for listening at all times.

Artist: Andrey Cechelero

Album: Water (Agua)

Genre: New Age

Track List

01. Bosque Das Aguas
02. Sailing
03. Lago
04. Ceano
05. A Fonte
06. Caverna Magica 1
07. Depois Da Chuva
08. Blue
09. Mares
10. Guardiao Dos Rios
11. Averna Magica 2
12. A Ultima Chuva

Andrey Cechelero – Averna Magica 2 from Water (short ver.)

Andrey Cechelero – A Fonte from Water (short ver.)


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