JABBERLOOP Member Introduction 5 – YUKI

Member introduction part 5, YUKI!!


YUKI (Bass)

Full Name: Yuki Nagata
DOB: June 23, 1979
Born in Shiga, Japan
Blood Type: B

[Interview with YUKI]

What is your favorite music?
– All genre.. Any music that touch my soul.

What is your favorite food?
– Rare meat, rice cracker (Kabuki-age), rice ball coated with sweetened red beans



– Japanese chess

Favorite film?
– Terminator 2, SAW Series

What do you do when you are off?
– Routine tasks

Why did you choose bass as your musical instrument?
– When I hold a bass I feel like I HAVE music. I think bass is like engine.

How did you join JABBERLOOP?
– I used to play in other bands too when we formed JABBERLOOP, but JABBERLOOP was most interesting and exciting among them.

How does JABBERLOOP usually make songs?
– Each member writes songs and bring them to the perfection with everybody.

What do you feel about the US debut?
– I really want to go to the US soon!

Where do you want to go in the US?

Any future projects?
– Music is the common language in the world, especially music with no lyrics like our music can easily cross the borders and the cultures. That’s why we want to perform overseas.

Do you have any artists you would like to perform with?
–  Katy Perry.. (Sorry, I am just a fan of her… lol)

Message to fans
-We wanna perform in the US soon!



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Track List
01. Old School
02. We Got Jazz
03. I Want You
04. Dental Driller
05. Gekko
06. Process (Missing My Bird)
07. Night Cruise
08. Waltzing To Time
09. I Wan You (RUDEJACK Remix)
10. Old School (Blu-Swing Remix)
11. Old School (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix)


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