JABBERLOOP×Soft Lipa New Release on iTunes Store!!

We have one more new release on iTunes Store today.
Yes, that’s JABBERLOOP×Soft Lipa’s album “OLD SCHOOL”!!

You can hear their sample music on YouTube.
Please check it out!!

buymp3-botton.jpg ( Highest Quality – 320kbps – with Low Price!! )
Artist : JABBERLOOP × Soft Lipa

Album : Old School
Track List
01. Old School
02. We Got Jazz
03. I Want You
04. Dental Driller
05. Gekko
06. Process (Missing My Bird)
07. Night Cruise
08. Waltzing To Time
09. I Want You (RUDEJACK Remix)
10. Old School (Blu-Swing Remix)
11. Old School (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix)

JABBERLOOP × Soft Lipa – I Want You (RUDEJACK Remix) from Old School (short ver.)

JABBERLOOP × Soft Lipa – Old School from Old School (short ver.)

JABBERLOOP Official Website

Daruma Label Official Website

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