JABBERLOOP Members Introduction 4 – YOHEI

JABBERLOOP member introduction part 4!


YOHEI (Drums)

Full Name: Yohei Saito
DOB: July 15, 1981
Born in Shiga, Japan
Graduated from Koyo University of Art

[Interview with YOHEI]

What is your favorite music?
– I like Rocks and Jazz.

What is your favorite food?
– I love sweet potato, junk foods, and sweet stuff.

– Cycling.

Favorite film?
– Back to the Future 2, Fifth Element, Terminator 2

What do you do when you are off?
– Internet, going for a ride

Why did you choose drums as your musical instrument?
– Since it looks cool. I chose drums totally by its look.

How did you join JABBERLOOP?
– Since I could get on well with them. lol

How does JABBERLOOP usually make songs?
– Each member write songs almost perfectly and bring them to the meeting. Then we try all ideas we have and make them perfect.

What do you feel about US debut?
– I am so glad and hope many people around the world listen to our music.

Which cities in the US do you like to visit?
– Fast food restaurants, Hair salon my friend working, Area51

Any future projects?
– I want to perform in as many countries as we can.

Do you have any artists you would like to perform with?
–  Too many….

Message to fans
– I am looking forward to performing in the US someday! Thank you for your support!!



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