JABBERLOOP on Taiwanese media!!

Taiwanese media picked up the article about JABBERLOOP, whose latest album “OLD SCHOOL” was nominated as Best Album of the Year by 22nd 金曲奬 (Taiwanese Grammy Award)!!!

They say as follows;
“123 pieces of works were nominated this year. Record companies including Universal, Sony music Taiwan, and Rock Records did great in the competition this time. The album “the Era” got 7 nominations.
Regarding the music videos competition, 5 works are nominated. They are very creative, combing music with story, and more focus on being a character in the story.
The award ceremony will be broadcast live by TTV at 7 pm on June 18 at Taipei Arena. “

Also, JABBERLOOP will perform in Taiwan on 6/16!


Start  20:00
【Price】NT$600(限量 350 張)
【Venue】台湾 台北市 河岸留言 RIVERSIDE LIVE HOUSE

Here’s the word from Soft Lipa and JABBERLOOP
“we haven’t said thank you to our parents yet. This time is not just concert but our ceremony. We’d love to invite 350 friends to our performance. “


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buymp3-botton.jpg ( Highest Quality – 320kbps – with Low Price!! )
Track List
01. Old School
02. We Got Jazz
03. I Want You
04. Dental Driller
05. Gekko
06. Process (Missing My Bird)
07. Night Cruise
08. Waltzing To Time
09. I Wan You (RUDEJACK Remix)
10. Old School (Blu-Swing Remix)
11. Old School (DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix)

JABBERLOOP Official Website

Daruma Label Official Website

DOMO Official Website

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