New video on YouTube – My Childhood Nursery Rhymes by Alexandre Guerra

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Popular songbooks are given new personality in this delightful album that blends smooth female voices, percussion and strings. The arrangements were composed by the prizewinning conductor Alexandre Guerra. Also included a booklet with lyrics! This CD is a perfect gift for children to sing and play with the most beautiful songs from different generations. A nice way to have fun in the worlds of creativity, knowledge and folklore involving Brazilian and universal realms.

Artist : Alexandre Guerra

Album : My Childhood Nursery Rhymes (Minhas Primeira Cantigas De Roda)

Genre: Children s Music

Track List

01. Cachorrinho Esta Latindo

02. Indiozinhos

03. Samba Lele

04. O Caranguejo

05. Atirei O Pau No Gato

06. Ciranda, Cirandinha

07. A Barata Diz Que Tem

08. Pirulito Que Bate, Bate

09. Pai Francisco

10. Fui No Itororo

11. Quem Te Ensinou A Nadar

12. Alecrim

13. A Canoa Virou

14. Peixe Vivo

15. Meu Galinho

16. Meu Pintinho Amarelinho

17. O Cravo Brigou Com A Rosa

18. Sabia
Alexandre Guerra – Sabia from My Childhood Nursery Rhymes (short ver.)

Alexandre Guerra – O Cravo Brigou Com A Rosa from My Childhood Nursery Rhymes (short ver.)


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