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Artist : Andrey Cechelero

Album : Eternity Volume 3: Listening To The Stars (Eternidade Vol. 3 – Ouvir Estrealas)

Genre: New Age
And I shall say: You shalt love to understand these, for only those who love can listen and understand the stars!, Olavo Bilac. The CD Listening to the Stars, third volume of the series Eternity, created by the keyboard player, arranger and producer Andrey Cechelero, makes the listener travel through relaxing melodies played on the piano and keyboards – a composition inspired in the constellations of our universe.
Track List

01. Redescobrindo As Estrelas

02. Orion

03. Ela E As Estrelas

04. Centauri

05. Aldebaran

06. Interludio – Distancias

07. Polaris

08. Antares

09. Rigel

10. Noturno No.5 – Castor E Pollux

11. Ouvir Estrelas

12. O Farol E As Estrelas

13. Rei Solar

14. Light Speed

15. Saudade Das Estrelas

16. Pequenas Felicidades Certas
Andrey Cechelero – Pequenas Felicidades Certas from Eternity Volume 3(Short ver.)

Andrey Cechelero – Saudade Das Estrelas from Eternity Volume 3(Short ver.)


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