New video on YouTube – Eternity Volume 2: Infinite by Andrey Cechelero

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Artist : Andrey Cechelero

Album : Eternity Volume 2: Infinite (Eternidade Vol. 2 – No Infinito)

Genre: New Age
According to the artist, there is plenty of music all over the universe. Meetings and second meetings reproduced through romantic melodies on the piano, keyboards and voice chorus that enhance life. A soundtrack for the infinite picture we live in. Andrey Cecherelo creates melodies through instruments and amplifiers that bring peace, balance and transcend time.

Track List

01. No Infinito

02. O Infinito Dos Olhos Meus

03. Do Fim Nasce O Comeco

04. Always Behind Your Smile

05. Interludio – Sobre A Cidade

06. Para O Sono De Anna Luiza

07. Winds Of Immortality 2

08. O Espectro E A Bailarina – Um Fim

09. Do Infinito Do Ar Ao Infinito Do Mar

10. No Infinito

11. O Infinito Dos Olhos Teus

12. Inestimavel

13. Titulo – Uma Semente Oculta E Um Pomar Invisivel
Andrey Cechelero – Inestimavel from Eternity Volume 2: Infinite (short ver.)

Andrey Cechelero – O Infinito Dos Olhos Teus from Eternity Volume 2: Infinite (short ver.)


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