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Artist : Andrey Cechelero

Album : Eternity Volume 1: Leaving (Eternidade Vol.1 – Partir)

Genre: New Age
According to the artist, there is plenty of music all over the universe. His songs reproduce the feeling of meetings and second meetings through romantic melodies on the piano, keyboards and voice chorus that enhance life. Andrey Cecherelo creates melodies that transcend time — a perfect soundtrack for the infinite picture we live in. Sounds that take us to imaginary landscapes, elevating spirit and mind.

Track List

01. Partir

02. De Saudades E De Sonhos

03. Portrait

04. Outros Tempos

05. Entre O Ceu E O Coracao

06. Imaginario

07. Invisible Ballet

08. Interlude – Acta Est Fabula

09. Elysium

10. A Espera

11. Noturno No.4 – Poeme Sans Visage

12. Vicent’s – Starry Night Over The Rhone

13. Elysium 2

14. Partir Em Sete Cores

15. Quando Eu Voltar

16. As Horas
Andrey Cechelero – As Horas from Eternity Volume 1: Leaving (short ver.)

Andrey Cechelero – Quando Eu Voltar from Eternity Volume 1: Leaving (short ver.)


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