JABBERLOOP played “Shirokuma” with Brass Band

JABBERLOOP’s new live video from Miyazaki part 2

They played “Shirokuma” from their new album “Sememoeru” which released on  iTunes Store on 4/12. If you want to know more details about new album and/or listen to samples on Youtube, please click here!

“Shirokuma” from album “Sememoeru”

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Track List
01. Round-Mirror Moon feat. Yoshika
02. Red
03. Sore Sore
04. Hot Guys
05. Natural High feat. Tsugumi
06. Thank You
07. Shake Bossa Groovy
08. Another Sunny Day
09. Mori People
10. Sasurai
11. Sememoeru
12. Shirokuma
13. Sublime Legen

iTunes Store
Better quality MP3 (320 kbbs)

JABBERLOOP Official Website


Daruma Label Official Website

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