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Artist : Carlos Slivskin

Album : Wedding Music

Genre : New Age
This album brings an adequate and memorable repertoire, with the best music for marriages, a classical selection.

Track List

01. Concerto em E (A. Vivaldi)

02. Suite Aquatica (G.G. Haendel)

03. Nona Sinfonia (L.V. Beethoven)

04. Te Deum (M.A. Charpentier)

05. Messias – Coral dos Hebreus (G.F. Haendel)

06. Sonata Facile (W.A. Mozart)

07. Marcha Turca (W.A. Mozart)

08. Marcha Nupcial (F. Mendelsohn)

09. Marcha Nupcial (R. Wagner)

10. Ave Maria (F. Schubert)

11. Ave Maria (C. Gounod)

12. Noturno (F. Chopin)

13. Nessum Dorma (G. Puccini)

14. Trompete Voluntario (H. Pursell)

15. Pompa e Circunstancia (E. Elgar)

16. Marcha Aida (G. Verdi)

17. Coro dos Peregrinos (R. Wagner)
Carlos Slivskin – Coro dos Peregrinos (R. Wagner) from Wedding Music (short ver.)

Carlos Slivskin – Marcha Aida (G. Verdi) from Wedding Music (short ver.)


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