iTunes Release “Music Tranquilizer” by Kaoru Ono

Kaoru Ono’s US debut album “Music Tranquilizer” is now available at iTunes Store!

Kaoru Ono is highly acclaimed by various musicians, DJs and has crossover music background, such as house, club jazz, R&B, Brazilian, and UK soul, etc.
He has been actively building her career as an artist and a musician, such as holding art events, composing and arranging music for other artists, and having solo lives for more than 30 times every year in Japan.

The long-awaited Kaoru’s debut album, “Music Tranquilizer” is finally released. Kaoru added innovated sound texture and more originality on this album, and you must be captured by his music world. 

“Tranquilizer” (Short Ver.)

“Ladybug Soul” (Short Ver.)



Track List
01. Geometric Gate
02. Jazz Affect
03. Ladybug Soul
04. Batucada feat. DAISUKE (from JABBERLOOP)
05. Future Lounge ’71 feat. Ray Tekuramori
06. Tranquilizer
07. Liqud Sky feat. DAISUKE & MAKOTO (from JABBERLOOP)
08. in the Air feat. MAKOTO (from JABBERLOOP)
09. While Waiting For…

Bonus Track
10. Batucada (outerspace extended vocal mix)
11. Tranquilizer (outerspace Remix)
12. Jazz Affect (RUDEJACK Remix)

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iTunes Store

Daruma Label Official Website

Kaoru Ono Myspace

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