[LIMITED] New Fukufuku Zori @ Domo Store!!

New Fukufuku Zori is added at Domo Store!!
Japanese cloth flip-flops which bring you LUCK!!
As “Fuku” means “Luck” in Japanese so Fukufuku Zori is lucky flip-flops.

[LIMITED] Handcraft Japanese Cloth Flip-Flops (PINK × YELLOW) Size: Mens8 / Women10
Exclusive item from Japanese flip-flops brand “Fukufuku Zori”.
This flip-flops are not regular ones made from rubber. Actually it’s made of cloth and you can wash them even in your laundry machine! It’s elaborate and on-of-a-kind work by flip-flops artisans and of course each of them is handmade.

This flip-flops made by the artisan, Mr. Masaru Takahashi,
the manager of Fukufuku Zori.
[A little information about Fukufuku Zori]
Fufufuku Zori is an atelier for cloth flip-flops located in Aomori, Japan. Their skilled artisans produce colorful and vivid sandals. They caught the attention of one of the most popular Japanese high-end fashion magazine, FIGARO japon voyage, because of their unique products!

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