Akiko Moriyako on Japanese News Paper!!

Japanese local news paper, Hokkaido Shimbun picked up the article about Akiko Moriyako!! They shared us how she became an artist, got to know Maxi Priest and what the album is like. Really good article!!
北海道新聞(夕刊)で森矢湖 亜姫子の記事が紹介(3月1日掲載)されました!彼女がアーティストになった経緯、マキシ・プリースととの思いがけない出会い、そして作品についてまで、読み応えたっぷりの記事です。ぜひご覧下さい!

Akiko Moriyako New album “The Vibes” is available at iTunes Store now!!
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Akiko Moriyakoデビューデジタルアルバム “The Vibes”iTunesストアで只今販売中♫
Track List / 収録曲目(カッコ内、ライター・クレジット)
01. Sublime (Mick Leesin/ Peter Vale)
02. Groovin’ In The Midnight (D.Morales / Max Elliott / H. Tucker / M.Bennett)
03. Sure Fire Love (Max Elliott/ P.Radford /Yellow Stone)
04. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
05. Space In My Heart Prelude (Akiko Moriyako)
06. Space In My Heart (Max Elliott / D Asutin)
07. The One (Max Elliott / Gary Benson / Livingstone Brown / A. Thomson / Wayne Hector)
08. House Call (Max Elliott/ Michael Bennett / Rexton Gordon / Sly Dunbar)
09. Just A Little Bit Longer (Handel Tucker)
10. God Watches Over Us (Gary Benson/ Max Elliott / C Branch)
11. Love Somebody For Life (GARDEN)
12. Set The Night To Music (Diane Warren)
13. Full Hundred (Max Elliott / Ryan Elliott / Marvin Elliott)
14. Ain’t It Enough (Gary Benson / Max Elliott / Andy Marvel)
15. Close To You (Gary Benson / Winston Sela / Max Elliott)
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Akiko Moriyako – Set The Night To Music from The Vibes

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