[LIMITED] New Items @ Domo Store!!

New Items are added at Domo Store!!
[LIMITED] Handcraft Kanji Pendant Neckless “Samurai”

Exclusive item from Japanese accessory brand “Kuubokumon”.
Carved “Samurai” word in Kanji (Chinese Character) on ceramic. It expresses the strong and dignified image of Samurai.

[A little information about Kuubokumon]
Kuubokumon is an original accessory line from Kyoto, Japan with Kanji design elements utilizing Bonji as motif. This is a on-of-a-kind Japanese accessory with handcrafted carved sumi word on ceramic. Kuubokumon artist, MUGEN custom creates each piece by hand and care. We are proud to bring this original artisan jewelry made from a true heartfelt artist.

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