New Artist from Domo: Akiko Moriyako

We would like to introduce our new artist, Akiko Moriyako.
Akiko Moriyako is a Japanese musician who plays reggae and Jazz-inspired music.
We’ll update more information soon.

Domo Exclusive Offer
Akiko Moriyako debut album “THE VIBES” is available at Digital Music Store now.
This album will be released at iTunes on December 14th.
Track List
01. Sublime (Mick Leesin/ Peter Vale)
02. Groovin’ In The Midnight (D.Morales / Max Elliott / H. Tucker / M.Bennett)
03. Sure Fire Love (Max Elliott/ P.Radford /Yellow Stone)
04. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
05. Space In My Heart Prelude (Voice Performance : Akiko Moriyako)
06. Space In My Heart (Max Elliott / D Asutin)
07. The One (Max Elliott / Gary Benson / Livingstone Brown / A. Thomson / Wayne Hector)
08. House Call (Max Elliott/ Michael Bennett / Rexton Gordon / Sly Dunbar / Akiko Moriyako) 09. Just A Little Bit Longer (Handel Tucker)
10. God Watches Over Us (Gary Benson/ Max Elliott / C Branch )
11. Love Somebody For Life (Maxi Priest / Yuji Oda /Toby Ludwig /GARDEN)
12. Set The Night To Music (Diane Warren)
13. Full Hundred (Max Elliott / Ryan Elliott / Marvin Elliott)
14. Ain’t It Enough (Written by Gary Benson / Max Elliott / Andy Marvel)
15. Close To You (Gary Benson / Winston Sela / Maxi Priest)
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