New Artist from Domo: ViVA Girls

We would like to introduce our new and emerging music artist, ViVA Girls.
ViVA Girls are a group of Chinese traditional musicians from the best conservatories in Beijing.
Los Angeles, CA (October 25, 2010), Musically, they’re magic, having been classically trained and hailing from some of the most prestigious Schools and Universities. To the eye, the ViVA Girls present one of the most impressive and visually pleasing concert performances one can experience. Their East meets West twist on a unique mix between classical and pop music is especially popular with American audiences.
Creating traditional Chinese music that appeals to younger audiences who love pop music is a challenge the ViVA Girls are exciting to conquer. The 12 classically-trained female musicians who comprise the ViVA Girls perform on traditional Chinese instruments and blur the lines between American music with the traditional sounds on China. The result is an amazing modern-traditional musical hybrid with the intention of pleasing pop sensitive audiences, while staying true to the 12 girls, musicality and eclectic Asian roots.
The debut ViVA Girls CD/digital release will be made available by the multiple-Grammy nominated and Grammy Award-Winning music company, the Domo Music Group ( in 2011 with a Holiday release set for Christmas of 2010.

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