Nao EP (2005) by Nao Watanabe at Domo Store!!

Nao EP (2005) by Nao Watanabe is available at Domo Store!!!!

Song List
01. Two Of Us
02. Midnight Sea
03. Tenderness

Nao Watanabe is a rich, expressive vocalist with a dramatic flair. She was introduced to the Japanese artistic community by renowned actor Masayuki Yui who invited the aspiring musician to perform at one his coveted New Year’s Eve parties. Nao found herself performing for an enthusiastic audience of A-list filmmakers, actors, producers and artists. Since then, her star has been on the rise throughout her native Japan.
Nao started her live activities when she became 18 years old. Her poems which ecpress everyday lives with her precise Japanese and realistic expression stopped people walking by. Her song “Invoice” had readched top 10 in the Independent Chart of a cable broadcasting. Her poem of uncommon experience also fascinated people with the words from her strength and honesty.
In the summer at 23 years old, she recorded her new album in Los Angeles. The place where once she longed for and once she gave up on. “Music had overcome the walls of languages and nations.” Singing her poems from her past on the tunes which was effected by her new dreams and hopes, Nao’s turning point of her life had been embodied in this album.
Domo Storeで渡邊奈央のNao EP(2005年)が発売となりました!!
生きることをテーマに心こめて歌うその歌声は、多くの観客の心に響き、時に涙を誘う。2004年、喜多郎マネジメント会社DOMOから高い評価を受け、事務所を移籍。L.Aにてアルバムを制作する。2006年5月にはセカンドアルバム『Nao Watanabe』を発表。
様々なラジオ番組への出演を始め、西東京FM内のラジオ番組ではパーソナリティーを務める。また、 老人施設や障害者施設でのライブ活動も開始。様々な施設を訪問し、
歌う事の楽しさと喜びを伝え、同時に癒しと安らぎを与えている 。 彼女のライフワークの一つとして 今後も施設での活動を続けてゆく。
さらに大人気カバーアルバムFlavorシリーズの日本語シリーズ”Flavor bossa tears”へ参加し、楽曲を提供した。
Nao Watanabe Official Website(Japanese)
Domo Music Official Website
DIAA Official Website(Japanese)

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