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Domo Records presents a return to romance with Classics for the Heart Volume 2. This collection of 10 romantic classics features the superlative work of pianist Fujzko Hemming. These 10 tracks represent the essence of romantic music, with choice selections by the likes of Lizst, Chopin, and Debussy. Hemming’s soulful, stirring piano stylings give full bloom to the beauty and passion of these compositions. Her arrangements make these works sound and feel like fresh, new compositions. You’ve never heard the work of these composers sound quite like this before.
The first Classics for the Heart album has seen over 250,000 track downloads on iTunes. This second collection will no doubt capture hearts the same way. As a Valentine’s Day release, this album represents the perfect soundtrack to any romantic rendezvous or intimate celebration. Classics for the Heart Volume 2 is a rich collection, full of poetic movements and evocative tonalities. This is the sound of pure romance.
Track Lists
01. Franz Lizst Wohin? (Schubert – Transcription) S.565-5
02. Frederic Chopin Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op.9-2
03. Claude Debussy Suite Bergamasque, III. Clair De Lune
04. Frederic Chopin Etude in A Flat Major, Op.25-1, “Aeolian Harp”
05. Franz Schubert Impromptu in G ? at Major Op.90-3 (D.899-3)
06. Frederic Chopin Nocturne No. 20, Op. Posth in C Sharp Minor
07. Franz Lizst Madchens Wunsch (Chopin – Transcription) S.480-1
08. Frederic Chopin Etude No.7, Op.25-7 in C sharp Minor
09. Franz Lizst Liebestraume (Three Nocturnes for Piano, No.3, in A Flat Major), S.541-3
10. Frederic Chopin Nocturne in B Flat Minor, Op.9-1
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