[New Release] Sketches From An American Journey by David Arkenstone

David Arkenstone’s album Sketches From An American Journey is available at Domo store now.
Sketches From An American Journey, inspired by natural and cultivated landscapes, is what David Arkenstone has referred to as ‘his soundtrack to his own American journey.’ With evocative instrumental portraits, infused with passion and tranquility, the tracks craft a variety of moods, from the cinematic to the intimate and soul stirring. Orchestra is featured prominently throughout the album, features members of the Utah Symphony.
Track List
01. Open Road
02. Sunset Highway
03. Places In The Heart
04. Full Sail
05. Pacific Rain
06. Window On The West
07. New Day
08. Wild River
09. Sketches Of The Dream
10. The Colors Of Fall
11. The American Journey
12. Voice Of A New Land
13. Surrounded By Beauty
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