Dave Eggar #8 at IODA Marketing Highlights

Dave Eggar charted in #8 at IODA Marketing Highlights!!
What is IODA?
It is the industry leading digital distribution company for the global independent
music community.
IODA Marketing Highlights
1. TOBACCO “Truck Sweat”
2. KutMasta Kurt, The Funky Redneck, Kuto Masta Kurto “Inspector Shingo”
3. Dub Gabriel “Tactile Evasion (Liquid Stranger Remix)”
4. Mathew Dear “I Can Feel”
5. Afrobeta “Two Different Worlds”
6. Lee Scratch Perry “Psalm”
7. Wayne Gorbea’s Salsa Picante – “Ven Baila Conmigo”
8. Dave Eggar – Earth’s Paradise/Kingston Morning “Earth’s Paradise”
9. Mad Mike “Pimpin Ass Bass”
10. Moe Pope “Godzilla”
11. Beltuner “No Comment”
12. JFK “High School Sweet Heart”
“Kingston Morning” is on sales!!!!
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