Kitaro Interview by J-Pop World

On July 22, 2010 Kitaro was kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World.
You recently wrote the soundtrack for the upcoming film “442 – Live With Honor, Die With Dignity.”
Can you tell us about the movie and how you became involved with it?
Kitaro: “442” is the second installment of the Japanese American trilogy directed by Mr. Junichi Suzuki. It is about 442nd Infantry Regiment consisted of mainly Japanese American soldiers who fought not only against the enemy, but fought against prejudice. I got the offer from Mr. Suzuki for the film “Toyo’s Camera – Japanese American History during WWII”. I was inspired by his concept, so I was willing to accept that offer and welcome him to use my music, and so as the 442. If I had much time, I wanted to create original songs. But the music matched the images perfectly and I was very glad.

Who else worked on the music with you, and can you give us an insight of what the writing and recording sessions were like?
Kitaro: In 1993, I worked with the film director Oliver Stone for the film “Heaven & Earth”. He has so much energy and when he directs movies, he creates very unique atmosphere around him. So I let myself lean on it and as a result I won the Golden Grove Award for its soundtrack album.
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