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David Arkenstone album “Myths and Legends” is available at Digital Music Store.
From Africa to Persia, Egypt and Greece, from Asia and Britain and the indigenous Americas come legends told around tribal fires and flagons of ale. Some myths light the way, some legends inspire, but all focus on what connects us. They are stories we tell to understand what can’t be told. David Arkenstone’s Myths & Legends masterfully weaves this storytelling though a musical journey of Renaissance, Celtic, World, Middle Eastern, Asian and Native Indian themes.
This album includes a second bonus CD, titled “Mysteries”, engineered to greatly enhance your Myths & Legends listening experience. “Mysteries” is designed to be played simultaneously with the Myths & Legends CD. It contains supplemental textures, layered melodic material, sound effects and sonic encoding designed to transform each playing into a personal journey of discovery, over unique multiple listens.
Track List
Disc 1
1. Tree of Life
2. Legend of Bell Rock
3. Song of Sheherazade
4. Daughter of the Sun
5. Oceanus
6. Across the River
7. The Wolf’s Head
8. Temple of Isis
9. El Dorado
Disc 2
1. Tree of Life – Mysteries
2. Legend of Bell Rock – Mysteries
3. Song of Sheherazade – Mysteries
4. Daughter of the Sun – Mysteries
5. Oceanus – Mysteries
6. Across the River – Mysteries
7. The Wolf’s Head – Mysteries
8. Temple of Isis – Mysteries
9. El Dorado – Mysteries
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