New Release – Firedance by Spirit Of The Drum (David Arkenstone)

For as long as man has walked the face of the earth, there have been drums. This recording is a tribute to the longevity, significance, communication ability, excitement and inner power of this, the oldest of instruments. Firedance incorporates drums from every corner of the world with five extended tracks ranging from slow to fast tempos with deep resonating healing frequencies that will flow throughout the body and soul.
A virtual world tour of drumming majesty, Firedance features some of the world’s finest percussionists and rarest instruments. A fine collection of music that can accompany yoga, dance and body workouts. Produced by David Arkenstone, Firedance’s Spirit Of The Drum is an exciting collection that harkens back through the ages to express the very heartbeat of humanity, to the very reason that rhythm is life.
Track List
01. Awakening (80 bpm)
02. Heartbeat Of The World (95 bpm)
03. Rhythm Journey (110 bpm)
04. Shaman’s Dream (125 bpm)
05. Firedance (140 bpm)
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