[BOX SET] Dave Eggar Box Set (3 CDs)

[BOX SET] Dave Eggar Box Set (3 CDs)
We released Dave Eggar Box Set (3 CDs) @ Domo Store.


In addition to his celebrated work in the classical and new classical worlds, Dave’s mastery of contemporary improvisational styles has earned him numerous nationwide competitions, solo spots with marquee artists and critical acclaim for film scores. On his debut release, he named this beautiful collection of neo-classical piano pieces, Serenity. With this critically acclaimed work, Dave takes you on an inner journey of intense beauty, breathtaking brillance, and impeccable craftsmanship in the most intimate of settings.
Song List
01. Sorrow’s Call
02. Rise
03. Dream of Joe
04. Zephyrs
05. Dakota Song
06. Parting Waters
07. Rune
08. Daniel
09. Brittle Cloud
10. Rude Awakening
11. A Western Wind
12. Putnam’s Bridge
13. Diaphony
Left Of Blue
Left of Blue brings together orchestral combinations and melodic new age tones. Dave Eggar out does himself in this follow up album to his earlier works.
Song List
01. Breathe
02. Maria Mae
03. Angle of Repose
04. Afrika
05. Sao Bento
06. Elusive Space
07. Pescador
08. Deep Blue
09. Tempest
10. Left of Center
11. Floating
12. Deam in 4D
Angelic Embrace
With calm elegance and articulate melodies, Dave Eggar’s sophomore release of instrumental piano music will win new audiences with an attractive blend of introspection and sensitivity. Through emotionally moving performances and evocative arrangements, Angelic Embrace is a soothing journey of graceful piano ballads that is exuberant and breathtakingly beautiful.
A Leonard Bernstein scholar at Harvard, Dave went on to debut at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center and was named the Presidential Scholar in the Arts in 1987. He has won numerous nationwide competitions and his performances have appeared frequently on National Public Radio. In addition to his celebrated work in the classical world, Dave has performed in a wide range of musical styles with acts that include The Who, John Denver, Ornette Coleman, Sinead O¦Connor and Bobby McFerrin. He has scored a number of films including Claire Dolan, Henry Hill and Miss Monday.
Song List
01. Angel
02. Petite Reverie
03. Space
04. Grey Dawn
05. Chasing Dragons
06. Wave
07. Spiral Garden
08. Safer Winds
09. Hymne 9/11
10. The Embrace
11. Nocturne
12. Dark Passage
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