Kitaro: 442 – Live With Honor, Die With Dignity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

New Original Soundtrack Album by Kitaro “442 – Live With Honor, Die With Dignity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” is available @ Digital Music Store NOW!
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Track List
01. Fish Dive In The Lake
02. Courage (Dialogue)
03. Gaia
04. The Vosges Mountains (Dialogue)
05. Zen
06. The Lost Battalion (Dialogue)
07. Moon-Star
08. Tommy (Dialogue)
09. Dawn/Rising Sun
10. The First Nisei (Dialogue)
11. Cosmic Love
12. Remembrance (Dialogue)
13. Aria Di West Lake
14. Larry (Dialogue)
15. Wind And Water
16. Honor And Dignity (Dialogue)
17. Thinking Of You
The second installment of the Japanese American trilogy directed by Junichi Suzuki “442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity-“ following the previous documentary film; “Toyo’s Camera –Japanese American history during WWII” with the music of Grammy and Golden Glove award winner Kitaro again.

Following the Pearl Harbor attack on 1941, United States declared war against the “Great Empire of Japan”. Approximate 120,000 Japanese Americans were forcibly interned in internment camps throughout the nation and Japanese American soldiers were reclassified as “enemy aliens” and discharged from military service. However, in this harsh time, 442nd Infantry Regiment consisted of mainly Japanese American soldiers were composed by the US military. They fought not only against the enemy, but fought against prejudice, facing severe racial discrimination in their homeland. Afterwards, they won numerous awards and citations and became one of the most decorated regiments for its size and length of service in the history of the United States military.
Including the song from the Grammy Award winning album “Thinking Of You”, Kitaro’s powerful and vivid songs dramatically add energy to the film. Kitaro’s various sound collaborations and resonant, multi-textured compositions, with their crescendos of passion and oases of serenity, truly defy the constraints of any genre. His pioneering fusion of cultures, techniques and spheres of consciousness is truly his own.
In this original soundtrack album, some quotes from the monologues with the 442nd veterans are used as an introduction for each song. This makes this album much more than a soundtrack in that you will experience, first hands, than real-life struggles of these heroes.

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