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“In heaven, there is paradise; on earth, it’s Suzhou and Hangzhou”. This popular saying captures very well the charm of Hangzhou.
Situated in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang, Hangzhou was once described by the 13th century Italian traveler Marco Polo as “the most splendid and luxurious city in the world”. This is most evident in the West Lake area, the city’s most prominent scenic spot.
Nestled amid hilly peaks on three sides, the lake has been inspiring poets of great acclaim for centuries.
Following the success of “Impression Liu Sanjie” and “Impression Lijiang”, renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou is now extending his outdoor musical series to the picturesque West Lake. The result is a unique outdoor production titled “Impression West Lake.”
Wang Chaoge, co- director of the play, explains their initiative.
“The beauty of the West Lake goes far beyond its natural scenery. Its stories and cultural heritage make the place more appealing. It’s meaningless to replicate the plant and hills. Instead, we try to create a space for imagination. It is a great challenge for us to turn real nature into an imaginary fairyland in people’s minds. ”
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