Kitaro’s history was broadcasted by NTV (Japan)

A famous Japanese TV program “What happen today” broadcasted Kitaro’s accomplishment, because broadcasted day [Feb/21/2008] was the same day that Kitaro won the Grammy Awards [Feb/21/2001].
Here is the Kitaro’s bio.
He was born in Aichi prefecture, Japan.
After graduating for high school, he started his music career seriously.
He organized a band named “Far East Family Band.”
Mr. Klaus Schulze famous German Musician and composer taught Kitaro how to play synthesizer in German.
NHK, Japanese TV station, assigned Kitaro as a music director for theme song of “Silk Road”.
He changed work places from Japan to USA.
“The Light of the spirit” was nominated for the Grammy Awards for the first time in his life.
He began to collect sound of nature to use his music.
“Thinking of You” was completed and he won the Grammy Awards by this album.
His latest project, the third in a series of a collection of works and peace-themed albums (Vol. 1 released in 2003; Vol. 2 in 2005) is inspired by the classic Buddhist pilgrimage to the 88 sacred temples on Japan’s remote Shikoku Island. A journey taken by the beloved Buddhist monk Ku-kai over a millennium ago , through the music contained in Sacred Journey of KuKai III, Kitaro continues to explore uncharted waters with his magnificently expansive vision and ever-questing spirit.
You can look NTV’s site from here
The Grammy Awards winner CD “Thinking of you”

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