Steamboy Original Soundtrack

Anime Expo is comming soon, so let’s check some Japanese animation today.
Steamboy is the soundtrack to the epic anime film directed by the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo, director of the critically acclaimed cult classic, Akira. The culmination of a two year project and Otomo’s first release since Akira, Steamboy is being hailed as the most impressive anime film of 2005.
The Steamboy soundtrack is composed by Steve Lablonsky, a protege of Hans Zimmer and one of today’s hottest up-and-coming composers. Complex animation and CGI make Steamboy one of the most visually impressive films of 2005, and Steve Jablonsky’s adventurous score is the perfect accompaniment to such an epic film. The score is thoroughly orchestral, and covers a wide range of styles, from racing strings and pounding percussion to quiet, poignant melodies.
The Steamboy soundtrack is good-old-fashioned orchestral music, yet till completely innovative and definitely a collector’s item!
Steamboy - Orginal Sound Track
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