Kitaro composed a theme song

Wood and lake, light and shadow, rain and fog, and sound and human
A show titled “Impressions of West Lake” was hold in China.
The stage was built into the lake and pulled above the lake suddenly.
Moreover, hundreds of dancers appeared during the show.
Kitaro composed the theme song for Zhang Yimou’s on-location show
“Impressions of West Lake”. His songs made the show more emotional.
Impressions of West Lake
The trailer of Impressions of West Lake

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2 Comments to Kitaro composed a theme song

  1. Leena Zarowiecki says:

    I was there, by the West Lake, in Hangzhou… the beauty of the performance… I have never seen anything like it! Where, tell me where, can I buy the music from “Impression West Lake”???
    Thank you for an absolutely wonderful and soul-filling performance!!! The absolute high-light of my visit to China!

  2. Emotions and more emotions cause this music!Wonderful!I don’t have words for explain whatI feel when I see and listen this trailer.
    God bless you for all feellings that send us
    with your musics!
    Peace and light