Test Shot Starfish

“TEST SHOT STARFISH” by Test shot starfish was released from KANPAI Records and received 5 STAR review by CD Baby.
Here is the review by CD Baby:
From an LA duo that thrives on live performances as much as they do on their recordings and multimedia projects, this IDM release has just enough sweet sparkling pop melody to put a fizz in your ears, but complexity in beat and rhythm use the double-sided tape to keep you seated. The perspective here is almost visual as much as aural, textural as much as vibration; get the headphones, close your eyes… before long, peaks of blip are crumbling and crackling over ribbons of synth, and everything is flowing down the ambient low end into a thump gulch. While the whole album seems to resemble a marriage between perennial CD Baby favorites Little Plastic Pilots and Ilkae (in other words, it can be compared to Plaid, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada), it is not identical to them. All that and they’re often asked to remix everything from Coldplay to Snoop.

To check out this record and listen to samples of ALL the tracks, click here.
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