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Release Date: APRIL 24th 2007

Hiromitsu Agatsuma has practiced the ancient Japanese art of Tsugaru-Shamisen since the age of six, going on to win the 1988 All-Japan Tsugaru-Shamisen Competition at the tender age of 14. Known throughout the world as simply Agatsuma, this original artist has long infused the traditional sound of the shamisen—a long-necked, three-stringed, lute-like instrument—with present day, international musical influences, including blues, rock, dance music, folk, flamenco and funk. His latest release, EN, is no different.
EN, which can variably mean relationship, circle or festival, is an apt name for the album, itself a festival of sound, comprising the varied influences Agatsuma has been exposed to over the years, while touring around the world, sharing his love for the traditions of Japanese music with an international audience. Further, Agatsuma’s aim with this music is to bring people together, to bridge disparate cultures and to find common ground between them, much the way he has blended the sound of ancient Japanese music with the varied influences of today’s contemporary music scene. The circle is completed with this collection of new material, which showcases Agatsuma’s mastery of his old world instrument, alongside his expansive, encompassing musical vision.

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